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Candy Alexa, Lottie Magne - Shades [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Everybody has secrets. Lottie, the red-head beauty, finds out in her teenage years that she is lesbian. She was depressed because her classmate's bullied her and hurt her. After all, they knew she was lesbian. Alexa was her best friend, and she supported Lottie in these challenging times in Lottei's life. They grew up, and they are still best friends and support each other, no matter what, but they have shared secrets. They use each other to live their hidden sexual life. Only Lottie knows that Alexa is a dominant one, and she lets her best friend use her body for punishment. Alexa, the big tits goddess, invites Lottie to her apartment because she has to feed her dominant demons. Lottie, like a good submissive, sits on Alexas bad and waiting her dominant to get washed and prepared for the session. Alexa teased Lottie with her sexy lingerie and masturbated in front of Lottie, who got tied to Alexa's bed. The whole situation is boiling. Alexa cum and goes to her sub to play a bit. She plays with her devil sticks, and suddenly she puts her fingers in Lottie's wet pussy and tastes her pussy juice. She licks Lottie's pussy, turns her into a doggy position, and eats that beautiful ass and pussy. It's time to let Lottie free and put her work. Alexa laid down and opened her legs to get licked by her slave. Finally, the redhead beauty gets the green light to satisfy her best friend. She licks and fingering Alexa's pussy. Alexa enjoys the licking, then sit on Lottie's face and literally rides Lottie's tongue. Lottie has the best view of the earth. While she is licking Alexa, she gets hornier, watching Alexa big, natural tits bouncing. As an excellent dominant, Alexa turns Lottie into a sixty-nine position. Lottie prepared Alexa's pussy as well. It's time for Alexa to cum. After sex, as if nothing happened, they keep secret their sex life, and they turn back and act like best friends.

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Candy Alexa - Too Busy To Get Naked [SD 544P]

Video Description: When your beloved husband is a very busy businessman, having sex can be problematic. But a real woman always has trumps up her sleeve and something hot under her skirt. The wife of this entrepreneur actually got her husband so hot that she almost exploded from the amount of sperm pumped into her. The husband got so horny that he was fforced to talk to his boss during sex. We don't know if the boss noticed it, but the wife enjoyed the game...

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Candy Alexa - Nerdy Gets Her Ass Fucked in the Library [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Candy Alexa is a librarian with some pretty huge tits. It's no surprise then that someone seeing her picked up a book at the library and jerked off to some naughty pictures, but when he got caught, Candy Alexa made him fuck her. Not only so, but once she deepthroated his cock and got her wet pussy fucked , she wanted anal. He put it in her ass before cumming all over her tits.

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